Manufacturers and Exporters of Surgical Insutruments
 Trocars, Suction Tubes, C
 Bone surgery
 Bone surgery
 Cardiovascular Surgery
 Eurosurgery, Laminectomy
 Stomach, Intestines, Rect
 oral maxillo-facial surge
 Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Sur
 Cranio Maxillo Facial Sur
 Hygiene Storage
 Holloware Stainless Steel
 Explorers, Delicate, Flex
 Amalgam Pistolen
 Tooth Extracting Forceps
 Instruments for Root Frag
 Tooth Forceps for Childre
 Scalers, Curettes
 Titan handels,Working tip
 Grinding Stones, Steriliz
 Periodontal Instruments &
 Raspatories, Files, Chise
 Mucotome, Tongue & Plaste
 Micro Scalpels, Gingivec
 Periodontal Surgery Sets,
 Endodontic Microsurgical
 Mouth Mirrors, Handles,Na
 Tooth Tweezers
 Mouth Gags, Retractors
 Gum, Surgical, Ligatur, B
 Dissecting, Dressing, Del
 Towel Clamps
 Awls & Suction Instrument
 Bone Curettes
 Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutti
 Needle Holders & Needle c
 Aspira-Plus, Water Syring
 Osteotomes & Mallets
 Reposition Forceps
 Plastic Filling Instrumen
 Burnisher & Nerve Instrum
 Instruments for Removel o
 Impression Trays
 Crown Instruments, Removi
 Waxing Instruments
 Pliers for Technic, Ortho
 Wire Bending Pliers & Wir
 Rubber-Dam Instruments
 Matrices, Matrix Retainer
 Composite - Instruments,
 Separating Forceps, Band
 Kidney Trays, Round Bowls
 Hair cutting Scissors
 Barber and Dressing Sciss
 Professional Thinning Sci
 Nail and Cuticle Scissor
 Fancy and Printed Scissor
 House Hold and Taylor Sci
 Multi-Purpose Plastic Han
 Eye Brow Tweezers
 Multi-Purpose Tweezers
 Face Black Head Cleaners
 Cuticle and Nail Pushers
 Nail Care Products
 Cuticle Nail Nippers
 Nail Cutters
 Acrylic Nail Cutters
 Shaving Razors & Belts
 Gift Packs
 Manicure Brocher
 Shears Broucher
 Cutical Nail Nipper Brouc
 Fancy Scissors Broucher
 Barbar Scissor Broucher
 Professional Hair Cutting
 Barbar And Dressiong Scis
 Professional Thining Scis
 Nail and Cutical Scissors
 Multy Purpose Plastic Han
 Manicure Kits
 Titanium Forceps
 Titanium Needle Holders
 Titanium Scissors
 Bull Nose
 Scissors & Shears
 Hoof Knives
 Teat Instruments
 Jewelery Tools
 Fishing Tools

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Beauty Instruments
Dental Catalogue
Needle Holders
General Surgery Forceps
General Surgery Scissors
Obstetric & Gynecological Instruments
Intenstine, Stomach, Rectum Instruments
Bone Surgery 1
Scalpels & Forceps
Special Instruments
Orthopedic Implants
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All of us at Khush Enterprises .would like to introduce our company and products to you. In business since 1985 Kush Enterprises is a major manufacturer and exporter from Pakistan Kush Enterprises utilizes German technology and Japanese stainless steel to produce the highest quality shears, surgical instruments Dental Instruments and also Beauty instruments, Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Manicure implants & Pedicure and All Sort Scissors like as Barber, Thinning, Surgical, Dental, Eye, operation scissors implants, hand tools all sorts in the wholesale market today. What set us apart from the competition is our continued strive for perfection.

Art: KE-AB-001
Exchangeable Tips
Art: KE-AB-008
Exchangeable Tips
Art: KE-AB-010
Exchangeable Tips
Art: KE-O-004
Rib Shears
Art: KE-P-009
Clip Applying Forceps
Art: KE-P-054
Laminectomy Punches
Art: KE-Y-046
Sphenoid Bone Punches
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